Leaked video of Roswell Grey alien

The Hunter is the Alien’s Prey

One very interesting case took place in Medicine Bow National Forest, Wyoming. Carl Higdon was hunting for elk in the northern part of the area on October 25, 1974. He was bedazzled when he shot an elk nearby and the rifle’s bullet seemed to travel very slowly. It landed 50 feet away on thick snow. When he recovered the bullet, very bizarre feeling went straight throughout his body.

He was stunned when he saw a human-like being standing a few feet away from where he was. It was about 6 feet tall, wearing a black body suit with a wide belt. It had straight hair, no eyebrows and long appendages that had rod-like ends. It was bow-legged.

The entity asked Higdon if he was hungry and then offered him some pills that would keep him full for 4 days. Higdon wasn’t normally prescribed to take any kind of pills, but he did not think twice on taking the offer.

The alien could have realized that Higdon must have been hungry the moment it spotted him. Otherwise, the hunter couldn’t have been out for elks.

Then, the alien pointed towards Higdon and in a snap, he was already inside a transparent container and wearing a helmet. He also noticed that there were two other humanoids and there were the elks he stalked, frozen.

Soon, he learned from the aliens that they were travelling back to their base 163,000-light years away and they landed in no time. The place was lit up by an intensely bright sun that his and the aliens’ eyes grew watery. The next thing Higdon remembered is being back to where he came from. An estimate of 2 and a half hours passed by since his encounter.

He was confused and hysterical. He found his truck 3 miles away from where he parked it. It was stuck in a bog and he could not free it. He called for help from the sheriff using his CB radio. The sheriff arrived by midnight and was followed by more personnel.

Higdon was sent to the hospital where he was checked. He had a high level of vitamins, most likely out of the pills he had taken. Even more interesting about the tests’ findings is that the tuberculosis scars in his lungs were healed.

Reports are coming from Higdon’s wife and two other people on an object with red, green and white lights lurking the area later rose.


Alien Research Station in Hunan Province, China

 Paranormal reports and events on the existence of alien life are continually growing. A former solider in China recently finished his alien research station. He claims that 2 aliens asked him to build a structure that would serve as their resting place when they travel from one planet to another. He spent 200,000 yuan or $31, 470 to complete the station.

Following seventeen years of tough work, Xiang Kuansong has now finished the “alien research station” he has been creating in his town in Mayang district, Hunan province. The 79-year-old stated he was advised to construct it by 2 alien creatures. “Do not be scared. We are not spirits or lord. We are beings from different planet who like to assist you,” the aliens apparently said to Xiang in Chinese language.
Xiang’s research station has no radio dishes and high-tech devices that are generally connected with the search for alien life. The research station appears more similar to a typical Chinese temple, with a message at the entrance that says: “The harmonious way to a foreign planet”.
The former soldier explained he first met the 2 extraterrestrials in UFO from the planet of “Dongsheng” in the late 1980s. They are around 1.95 meters tall and see him frequently, putting on clothes that make them undetectable but he can see them and talk with them. The 2 “Dongshengians” requested him to make the station so they could have an area to stop during their travels to other planets, and so far he has invested 200,000 yuan ($31,470).
Inside there is a solid design of a saucer spacecraft, and stone tablets marking the areas where Xiang claims the aliens spoken to him are spread out around the compound. Even though the other villagers think Xiang is insane, he just smiles and disregards their taunts.